Today's Date: Wednesday, February, 26th 2020

Menu for 4th week of the month

  • Order Deadline: Wednesday, February, 26th 2020
  • Delivery Date: Saturday, February, 29th 2020
Chapli Kabab (each) 

Ground chicken patties

Ground chicken patties made with onions, tomatoes, ground spices, eggs and roasted coriander and cumin seeds

  • $1.50
Shredded Chicken Masala (16 oz) 

Shredded chicken with onion and tomato dry sauce

Chicken cooked on low heat with ground spices, shredded into smaller pieces and added to the onion and tomato sauce based sauce with fresh herbs

  • $9.95
Murgh Cholay (16 oz) 

Chicken curry with chickpeas

Delicious curry made with ground spices and fresh herbs including black pepper and garam masala that gives it a special taste, a very popular Lahori dish

  • $9.95
Keema Gobhi (16 oz) 

Ground chicken with Cauliflower

Ground chicken and cauliflower make a very tasty combination. Ground chicken is cooked with ground spices, green chilies, onions, ginger garlic paste and tomatoes. Sliced cauliflower is added to the ground chicken and cooked until tender with coriander leaves garnishing.

  • $9.95
Shaljum Ki Bhujia (16 oz) 


Turnips cooked in onion and tomato based sauce

  • $6.95
Achari Mix Sabzi (16 oz) 

Mixed vegetables cooked in pickle spices

Mixed vegetables including potatoes, green beans, carrots and green peas cooked with ginger, garlic and pickle spices

  • $8.50
Masaledar Bhindi (16 oz) 

Spicy Okra vegetable

Okra cooked with tomatoes as base for gravy includes ground spices and crushed red chilies

  • $8.50
Saaday Chawal (16 oz) 

Plain boiled basmati rice

Plain boiled basmati rice with a hint of oil

  • $1.99
Matar Palao (16 oz) 

Basmati rice with green peas

Basmati rice cooked with onion, cumin seeds and green peas to give it a mild fragrant taste

  • $3.95
Kaali Masoor Daal (16 oz) 

Black lentils

Lentils cooked with ground spices and tempered with cumin seeds, garlic and dry red whole chilies

  • $6.50
Mung Paneer (16 oz) 

Yellow lentils with indian cheese

Yellow lentils cooked with ground spices and tempered with cumin seeds, garlic and dry red whole chilies. Pan fried paneer is added to the daal before tempering.

  • $9.95
Hari Chutney (8 oz) 

Fresh mint and cilantro sauce

Raw mint, cilantro, fresh green chilies and ground spices amalgamated with tamarind to create a delicious sauce

  • $1.95
Hara Raita (12 oz) 

Fresh mint, cilantro and yogurt sauce

Yogurt seasoned with mint, cilantro with a touch of spices to form an enriched flavored sauce. Raita provides cooling effect on the plate to make a good foil for spicy meals

  • $2.99
Sooji ka Halva (12 oz) 

Sweet semolina pudding

Semolina roasted in butter with cardamom for flavor and aroma, cooked with sugar, water and milk

  • $5.95